Introducing Our Brand New

JOLT Innovative Thinking Workshop

Introducing Our Brand New

JOLT Innovative Thinking Workshop

Your Best Team Building event yet in Lansing, MI!

Try an Escape Room Team building experience for as little as $20/person at the pod escape room in lansing!

Try an Escape Room Team building experience for as little as $20/person at the pod escape room in lansing!


Try An Escape Room Team Building Experience For As Little As $20/Person At The Pod Escape Room In Lansing!

Try an Escape Room Team building experience for as little as $20/person at the pod escape room in lansing!

Why Escape Rooms for Team Building in Lansing, MI?

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” – Plato, 4-300s BC.

Using Escape Room Experiences as a method of team building may be a relatively new concept, but the foundational principles underlying the idea are anything but new! The Pod Escape Room in Lansing, MI is a great choice. If you haven’t already, ask yourself this question:

“What would be the ideal environment for my team to grow, both tactically (skills) and socially (as a team)?”

a team building group solving an escape room together in Lansing, mi

A 100% controlled environment? Check.

Opportunity to fail with no real risk? Check.

Simulated tension & stress? Check.

Unexpected problems to stretch minds? Check.

Teamwork-oriented tasks? Check.

Objectives that force communication? Check.

Cost & time effective? Check.

A pleasant and even FUN atmosphere? Super check!

What we’re trying to say is Escape Rooms are perfect for team building! While having fun, you will be challenged, forced to shift your perspective, to communicate openly, to never be afraid to fail or get the wrong answer, to explore your creativity, and to find solutions to problems you weren’t prepared for. It is raw creativity & team building at work right here in Lansing, MI.






What could you gain?

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Effective Communication

Effective Communication


Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving


Ability to Shift Perspectives


Thinking Outside the Box


Teamwork & Collaboration


Memorable Bonding Experience


Conflict Management


Tons of FUN

What Can I Expect?

You can expect three escape room games suitable to accommodate 17-19 players comfortably, with a total max capacity of 28! Pricing can vary depending on group size, date, and time of day–but most groups qualify for our $20/person team building special!
You can expect to have our entire area reserved for just your group. No strangers allowed!

It will be a race against time as you and your team will have 60 minutes to attempt your escape! Most groups will use all or close to all of their time. With 15 minutes beforehand for game prep and 15 minutes afterward for debrief, you can expect your entire experience with us to run around 90 minutes.

When you first enter the escape game, you’ll want to begin by exploring around to get acclimated to your surroundings. Pay attention and you will soon discover clues & puzzles all around you! Think you might get stuck? Most groups do. You will have 3 hints to work with to achieve the best time possible–or to just barely escape!
Our awesome Gamemaster(s) will host your entire experience–from the moment you walk in the door to your last goodbye!

Helpful Info

The easiest way to schedule a team building escape room experience is to call us. 10 minutes on the phone, and your team will be 100% set. You can also fill out our contact form and we’ll get back with you very soon!

Feel free to check out our room themes to see what kinds of games your team will be tackling!

We got you covered! We can run our escape room games about every 75 minutes, and we’d be happy to book multiple sessions back-to-back! This means in about 2.5 hours, we can accommodate a maximum of nearly 60 people! Need something for the waiting group(s) to do? Ask us about our team building restaurant bundle deals!

One of the most fun & valuable team building aspects of your entire experience: Game Debrief! This is when all the memorable moments are shared, smiles beam, and laughter ripples through your team. It’s also when the most learning happens, as you get the chance to discuss areas of conflict, point out strengths, identify growth areas, and more! If you purchase our Creative Debrief add-on, this is when you’ll begin your exclusive debrief session led by our Creative Director & Lead Game Designer, with special access to our creative lobby space–complete with comfy seating, a blackboard wall, free drinks, and a pool/air hockey table just for fun!


Choose to include a JOLT Innovative Thinking Debrief and watch your team grow right in front of your eyes! Led by our Creative Director & Lead Game Designer, your team will be guided through a 40-minute debrief session that leverages the escape room experience to spark creative and innovative thinking processes in your team. Each team member will walk away from this session with innovative thinking concepts, attitudes, and concrete tools to put to use towards in their daily professional lives. Pair with our Restaurant Bundle add-on to bring food into the equation! Everybody loves food.

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Restaurant Bundle

Make an evening of it! Our escape room is located within a 1 minute walk of a few wonderfully tasty restaurants. From award-winning smoked BBQ, to authentic Mexican, to fresh Mediterranean favorites, it’s tricky to go wrong. Select this add-on to get the best bang for your buck! We will coordinate with the restaurant of your choice so your team can enjoy a fantastic meal together before or after your escape game. If you choose our Creative Debrief add-on as well, we’ll even bring the food right to you during the session!

word on the street.

I had so much fun at this escape room! My friends and I played in the space room and had a great experience. Jared was a great gamemaster! Highly recommend!

Ava H, Google Reviews

Jared was an amazing and entertaining game master. He not only gave helpful clues, he made us laugh by using what we were saying to make jokes when we needed a hint. We will definitely be back!

Michael R, Google Reviews

We did it as a date and had a great time. The lost in space room was a lot of fun and a great beginner room.

Desiree S, Google Reviews

Went with my husband and 4 kids, age 9-21 and we all had a blast! The owners were fantastic! Will definitely be back!!

Jennifer G, Google Reviews

It was very fun and clean. The game master was awesome! Would recommend

Steph C, Google Reviews
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Ebony V, Google Reviews
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Jonathan W, Google Reviews

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